Tips for Planning and Hosting an Unforgettable Graduation Party

Tips for Planning and Hosting Unforgettable Graduation Party

Graduation season is just around the corner. While students are preparing to take that next big step, whether they are starting college or stepping into the adult world, families are getting ready to help them celebrate this momentous occasion. Here is a list of four things you can do to make sure your party is an unforgettable one.   

Remember Less Is More

While others scramble to secure booking with a popular local venue, you can spare yourself that frustration and stress by hosting the event in your backyard. Not only is it easier to hold the party on your property, but there is also far less financial demand. This means you can put all of your time and budget into the food and decorations. 

graduation cateringHave A Menu With Something For Everyone

To make things even easier on yourself, you could forgo making a buffet leave that to a professional caterer instead. The only work required of you is to learn the dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests. Find out if anyone has food allergies or sensitivities, and make sure your vegetarian attendees have actual options instead of just a salad.  

Choose A Fun Theme

Using your own backyard means you have total control over the space. While you should still be considerate of your neighbors, there are far fewer restrictions compared to renting a facility. This gives you much more freedom when choosing the theme and decorations. Is your graduate-to-be a swimmer, mermaid fan, or lover of aquatic animals? Rent a waterslide, find some fish-shaped balloons, and keep the sprinkler going as part of your underwater theme. To top it off, have a fish fry or book Randazzo for a Sushi Party Platter. The possibilities are endless. 

Offer Things To Your Guests

You want to give your guests something to do aside from eating and socializing. Have some games and activities ready that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end. Try to diversify it by age group so any younger party-goers have more to do than sit in a kiddie pool or use the swingset. Make a unique and creative guest book for everyone to sign that matches your theme. Last but not least, thank them for coming by putting together goodie bags for everyone. You can personalize each one or use some classic party favors, but either way, make sure they know how much you appreciate their coming to celebrate such an important day.

If you need some help planning and catering your party contact Jenét Bazzell, the Randazzo Fresh Market Catering Event Coordinator at jenet@randazzofreshmarket.com

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