Find of The Week

I’m not a professional foodie, but I love, and I mean love, fabulous tasting food.

Every week I take my walkthrough Randazzo Fresh Market to look for my “Find of The Week”.  Today I headed towards the bakery, and while the aroma of the fresh-baked bread made me feel comforted with memories of my grandmother baking bread, my eye was caught by an enormous shiny silver bowl of these little baked bread slices Jess was preparing.   Inquiring what these were, she said: “try one of our Homemade Bagel Chips”.

As anyone who loves trying new food does, I accepted.  The burst of flavor in my mouth was amazing.   I’ve eaten many of bagel chips in my time, but NOTHING has ever compared to these crisp and ohhhh so delicious bagel chips.   In the first bite, the combination of the oil and parmesan makes your mouth want to do a happy dance, but be forewarned, after that first bite you cannot help but eat one or two more……till there are none.
I’ve learned now that I have to ALWAYS purchase an extra container for back-up as they seem to disappear before I make it home.  Now I buy two containers, one for the car ride home and one for home.   They are great on their own and even more fabulous with homemade dips Randazzo Fresh Market makes fresh daily.  When I have a party to attend,  I now take them to gatherings along with a spinach or crab dip.  I know they are a huge hit when all that is ever left behind are the tiny traces of crumbs of a Homemade Bagel Chip, and people ask me where they can find them…..Of course, I’d like to keep this little secret to myself, but one who loves food must also share the delights with others…What’s that saying?   Sharing is caring!

Jenét Bazzell
Catering Event Coordinator
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