Easter Dinners and First Communion Catering

Easter Catering

Easter dinners and First Communion parties are right around the corner. 

Catering and creating an experience for our loved ones, friends, and other guests are the growing trend. I began working on our Holiday menu with our chefs, and then I met with Vinnie, our Randazzo Fresh Market wine expert. He explained how important it was to pair Rosé’s with our Easter Catering Menu. He showed me these beautiful bottles of Rosé and introduced me to the taste. As beautiful as the bottles look, the taste is pure elegance. From France to California, Rosé is filled with uniqueness. Subtle bouquets of grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, and fresh flowers caress the nose while leaving your mouth burst with bright, exciting flavors…but back to these bottles…the bottles are beautifully etched, some modern and sleek, others look like perfume bottles. One of my favorites is the bottles shaped more like a scotch and whiskey bottle but with a feminine elegance! I plan on using these bottles as the focal point of the table, adding chocolate-covered strawberries, splashes of delicious raspberries, blackberries, peaches, and oranges beautifully arranged around Rosé.

For the final touch, different textured wired ribbon bows will weave in just the perfect spots. What I like most about this, is guests can sit around and have great conversations, laugh, share memories and make new memories, while choosing a Rosé of their choice and snack on a delicious array of fruit and sweets. All my table décor is mostly edible and will be environmentally friendly. What is even more perfect is that everything is going to compliment the fresh restaurant-quality meals I chose from the Randazzo menu!  
The best part is I can get everything I need in one location and do not have to shop around.
How great is that! 
Jenét Bazzell
Catering Event Coordinator

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