Fruits and Vegetables

If it’s not fresh Randazzo will not sell it. Fruits and vegetables are hand selected daily by Sonny Randazzo.

If it’s not good enough for Sonny, it’s not good enough for you.


Browse down our gourmet grocery isles to find special ingredients for wonderful meal ideas.


Our ovens start warming up at 5:00am and do not quit until the end of the day. Fresh baked bread from scratch is all you’ll find here. Pastries, cakes and cookies are our specialty.

Butcher Meat

Whatever cut of meat you desire can be found here at the Randazzo Butcher Shop.


Fresh seafood is received daily from Boston, California and abroad. If we don’t have it, we will most certainly order it for you. If it swims, we’ll catch it.

Gift Basket

There’s no better way to another’s heart than through his stomach, so why not make a gift of it? Gift baskets are made to order to ensure freshness and superb quality.


From bologna to prosciutto, we carry it all. Boar’s Head, Healthy Choice and Sara Lee are a few of the premium lines we carry. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff serve your needs today.

Party Tray

Party trays are always a party pleaser. We carry a wide variety of meat and cheese trays and always provide the option to create your own.

Check out our Entertaining Menu and start planning your next event!


A wide variety of fresh floral bouquets are received daily to brighten your day.

Beer & Wine

Randazzo carries a wide variety of beer and wine from around the world. Special orders and volume discounts are available.


Sushi was invented thousands of years ago by the Japanese. Considered an art all around the world, sushi chefs are well trained skilled professionals working for years to master their craft of style from Osaka, Edo and California. The use of the freshest vegetables, authentic imported rice and other ingredients on a daily basis make the end products the highest of quality. Made on site, our friendly approachable chefs love to chat about the craft and welcome custom special orders and party trays.

Wood Fired Pizza

The flavors of the old world! For over six thousand years, man has enjoyed the taste of wood fired foods. And no one does wood fired pizza like Randazzo. With the best of both new and old world flavors, this hand-built, never frozen, premium pizza, rivals the best pizzeria anywhere. You just don’t have to pay that premium price. For $11.95 you get one of the best pizzas ever, and unlimited toppings.


At Randazzo’s we all love summer and most of the time we think ice cream. Well, not anymore! It’s all about Gelato. You say what’s that? Let us introduce you to Gelato which is Italian for ice cream but we think it really gets a whole lot better! This is like ice cream’s Super Hero big brother; more flavor, less fat, denser and creamer yet richer and slow churned intensifying all those wonderful Italian flavors.

At Randazzo’s tasting is believing, but I must warn you, your taste buds will never be the same. Randazzo brings the real taste of Italian Gelato to our customers. We offer all the best of everything or we DON’T SELL IT.

Gourmet Food & Catering

Why not take the stress out of party planning or an evening meal, and let us do the cooking for you. All our dishes are homemade and may be taken home hot or cold, depending on your needs.

Cafe (Garfield and Hayes only)

After a wonderful shopping trip to Randazzo, its time to relax with one of our cafe’s old world crafted premium coffees, drinks, imported teas or one of our handmade fresh smoothies, which are ready anytime you have the urge. It’s our way of saying thank you to our customers who have entrusted the Randazzo staff with providing the very best in meats, seafoods, bakery goods and of course the very best produce.

So rest easy, you’re at Randazzo—we have what you need.

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    Attention customers of Randazzo Fresh Market Hayes location!

    Our phone systems are currently down due to the storms that hit our area last night. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    If you need assistance, we are happy to help. Please call our Warren or Clinton Township location at the following numbers:

    Warren: (586) 979-1010
    Clinton Township: (586) 293-3500

    We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated on the status of our phone systems.

    Thank you!
    The Randazzo Fresh Market Team

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